God is in control, even in a pandemic

I (Lauren) spent this morning reading the book Suffering is Never for Nothing by Elisabeth Elliott for class, very timely. At the beginning of the book, she defines suffering as “wanting what you do not have or having what you do not want,” this definition of suffering is intended to cover from the most trivial day to day inconveniences to life-changing devastation. Almost everyone is suffering currently, as a collective we have what we do not want, a pandemic, and many ofus are wanting what we do not have, spending time with those we love, health, or certainty of what the future holds. Many people have encountered losses, for some, like me, it’s a semester on campus with friends, for others, their job, and others, unfortunately, loved ones. The world feels like it’s in chaos in many ways. I think that in the midst of this it’s really easy for Christians to hear “God has a plan” and take it like it’s any other cliché, but it should be one of the most reassuring things for a Christian to hear! There is never a moment when God is not in control and no matter what is going on around us, he will always be there, the unchanging, faithful, loving, holy Lord of all creation will always be here for us, but he also uses our suffering for his purposes. We must look beyond our suffering to the hope that we can have for the future in Christ. He does have a plan that can give us hope for the future, one that was laid out before the beginning of time, a grand, glorious plan. Praise be to God that he is in control of this world. God is always working and in control and “you are not adrift in a sea of chaos.”

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